Unconstitutional (And Unfunded) Mandate To Teach Bible Literacy In Texas

6 09 2009

Honestly you can’t make this shit upTexas law now requires schools to teach “Bible literacy” but it provides no specific guidelines, funding for materials or teacher training.  So while the intention may (or may not) have been to teach the Bible as literature, high schools are scrambling to figure out what to teach and how to teach it without tripping over separation of church and state requirements.

Now I have no problem if students are taught about the Bible so long as it is in the context of a comparative religion class.  Then the specter of evangelizing and indoctrination can be easily avoided because children are equally exposed to the histories, origins, and religious texts of numerous religions.  If, however, you’re singling one religion above all others for special attention and focus then you had better offer other classes that give similarly focused attention on other religions as well.

(kudos to Drudge Retort for the find)




2 responses

6 09 2009
Rob F

Somehow, I doubt that the documentary hypothesis or Q will come up.

6 09 2009

Why does the phrase “only in Texas” keep coming to mind…..

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