The Nexus of Politics and Terror Confirmed

23 08 2009

I’m only surprised Tom Ridge finally admitted that he and the Bush administration manipulated the terror alert level for completely cynical political reasons. Oh wait, I take that back.  Actually I would have been surprised if he had stopped himself and instead blown the whistle on these orders when he was told to do it.  No, now he fesses up only because he has hopes of making some money off his 4 year late “apology”.  Thanks Tom, but you’re too late to pretend to be honorable.

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30 08 2009
Sabio Lantz

Indeed, the manipulations were terrible. You may also enjoy this nutrition article to see how both sides of the aisle twist our information.

30 08 2009

I think the cautious (and actively reassuring) message the CDC delivered about swine flu was entirely appropriate given the unknown nature of the risk. That of course doesn’t address the media’s stratospheric hyping of the story into a veritable black death pandemic. I for one would take what the CDC says as more credible than the comments of a random blogging nurse who cites FOX News as a primary reference in her stories.

8 05 2017

That is the rest of the story. We wondered what deal was cut to get Goins to totally abandon his community and his culture and now we know that Roy promised to support his efforts to become mayor. Why would we ever trust our future or our community too Goins again. His entire entire political career is based on lies, from his residence to his devotion to his cotssnuenti.No thanks. We will still remember his actions and deceits in 2014

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