Another Fabulous Use Of The Bible

15 08 2009

I am always looking for a legitimately good use of the Bible.  While the legend of Bible Bacon looms large and possibly the best use ever I must confess that The Green Bible from American Heathen is a strong alternative.  I might need to take up chew just to give this a try myself.

The Charmin Bible has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  Shame the probably chaffing.  Does the King James version come in super absorbent two ply?




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15 08 2009
Sabio Lantz

Thanks to Gideon Bibles I bring home from business trips, we can still have family bon fires on rainy days. Their dry sacred pages get the wet twigs hot enough to burn brightly !

15 08 2009

LOL Now that’s what I call the best recycling, ever!

8 05 2017

Oh, what a darling girl. You see her strength in her eyes and in her smile. To a stranger it looks like yo7&#821u;ve captured her personality. A bit mischievous, but also full of beauty and confidence. Nice set of images, Cara!

15 08 2009
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