Changing Times And The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

12 08 2009

Alas, back in the reign of George Bush, he awarded the coveted Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004.  Did he give it to a scientist or other great intellectual thinker?  No.  To someone who saved lives or helped find a cure for a horrible disease?  No.  To anyone of admirable irreproachable honor and integrity?  Fuck no.  He gave it to former CIA Director George J. Tenet, former Iraq administrator L. Paul Bremer III and retired Gen. Tommy Franks…because they were some of the leading douche bags that made his contemptibly ill conceived and criminally ineptly executed war in Iraq possible.

Steven Hawking could kick your ass with his mind

Steven Hawking could kick your ass with his mind

Compare, if you will, to the awarding of the same medal today by President Obama.  Among others this president gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to world class theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu received a medal.  Geneticist Janet Davison Rowley, whose studies of chromosome abnormalities in human leukemia and lymphoma have led to dramatically improved survival rates for previously incurable cancers, was honored.  Also receiving a medal was economist Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh in 1983 to provide microloans to the poor.

Just a little different isn’t it?  It’s kinda nice to see someone with a little integrity in the White House again isn’t it?



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8 05 2017

…[Reply] Oh, for Pete's sake. If Dunham had Malcolm X's love child, why would she have needed a "cover" father for the kid? Assuming there was a good reason for her to seek a fake babydaddy for her child with Malcolm X, why Obama Sr and why give birth in Ke===?=========a====n====y=======Well, duh, I think that was all explained. No need to repeat.

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