11 07 2009

Well done Al, I’m proud to have met you.  Now get to work.  🙂


A Proud Moment For Arizona

11 07 2009

Did you know this broad flat expansive earth of ours is only 6000 years old?  Well Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen does!

For the love of Christ, I think the stupidity chronically infecting the Texas BOE must be contagious.

PZ Myers And The Canadian Prime Minister

11 07 2009

Coffee will come out of my nose and I will run around my house nekked if I get a confirmation that PZ Myers has gotten a new cracker in an envelop postmarked from Canada.  I’m just saying.

The Family And Cult Mentality

11 07 2009

The connections between Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. John Ensign seem to be getting more and more creepy.  Please watch this clip from the Rachael Maddow show and explain again to me how these guys are not in an uber-Machiavellian-cult of self aggrandizement and hypocrisy?

Seriously, why can’t more Republicans show real courage and leadership and just quit like Sarah Palin?