To The Muslims, Christians, And Jews…

26 06 2009

Marcus Brigstocke sums it all up quite nicely.

Or in short…fuck off.



2 responses

15 01 2015

Sense of humor …..ha ..The one who drew the cartoon has done is for money only … If he doesn’t believe in God / His Prophets / His Books then its his problem but raising such controversial issues shows the sickness of his mind. Such kind of people who do not believe in the norms and values of there fore fathers basically disgrace there-selves…. no matter what ever they write or draw about any of the Prophet its the depiction of the filthy minds they have and nothing more than that.
If a christian is comfortable with the cartoon on Jesus then that person is insane and should leave practicing Christianity. Similarly if Moses is mocked and a Jew enjoys it then he shouldn’t call himself a Jew. and so on goes for all the religions….

15 01 2015

Dude, you need to calm down. If a child drew a cartoon about *you* would you be so outraged that you would inflict harm on them? Probably not (at least I certainly hope not). So do you really think an all powerful all knowing being who regards us as his children would be that petty and vindictive? Plus, if god is all powerful why doesn’t he take care of punishing people himself, why does he need his followers to do it for him? Is he really that inept or incapable that he can’t handle all this himself? Calm down and think about it, it makes no sense.

Think for yourself. If there’s a god he doesn’t care what we draw. You’re being manipulated by your religious leaders.

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