Corporate (Non-Profit) Greed, WNYC Style

8 06 2009

I live nowhere near New York but I absolutely love the radio programs “On The Media” and “Radio Lab” from public radio station WNYC.  So much so I was planning on donating specifically to them in addition to my local NPR station when my renewal came up.

That was until I heard about WNYC President Laura Walker’s $500,000 a year salary.

This is public radio right?  The same public radio that begs approximately 12.3 months out of every year for money right?  What…The…Hell!?  And since Walker is paid $222,000 more than the next highest-paid person at the station she obviously could afford the copper and zinc alloy testicular transplant that made it possible for her to then lay off four staffers and eliminate 11 unfilled positions this past week.

Then again managing 95 liberal public radio station employees probably merits a half million dollar salary.  Or not.  According to the staion’s tax return it only takes her 35 hours a week to do so.

Laura Walker

Laura "Not A Volunteer" Walker

Seriously!?  How dare WNYC beg the public to send more money when they are clearly squandering the money they already have.  I’ve been a volunteer (yes Laura, that means I worked for FREE) for public radio stations for decades now and she has the unmitigated nerve to think she deserves such a salary.

Hey Laura Walker and WNYC…fuck you.  In this era of corporate sleaze and executive salary outrage you, of all organizations, should have seen the obvious public relations buzz saw you just walked into.  Do the right thing and get her salary in line, get a refund, and hire back some staff, or you can be sure you will be kissing more than just my single donation goodbye.  Know that this story is going viral and the entire NPR audience is listening.

PS: Oh yeah, and I don’t feel guilty downloading your podcasts anymore.




3 responses

12 06 2009

Not to worry, if there’s significant fallout, she’ll always have a job on the FOX News financial staff.

15 06 2009
T.J. Radkey

It’s actually a staff of 200. But everything else you say is on the mark. It is time for her to get the boot. She thinks she’s the queen of public radio.

25 06 2009

I hope someone has had the good sense to make sure she sees this post. I agree with it wholeheartedly. Greed sucks and this is a prime example of it!

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