Evolution And The Swine Flu

3 05 2009

Line up bitches.  Over here we have flu shots for the heathens who trust science…and over here prayers and tea bags for you faith based conservatives.  Good luck with that.




4 responses

4 05 2009

Indeed, this is funny ! But please keep in mind, though, that many of us economic-conservatives view faith as superstition and that many, many Democrats (liberals) are people of faith.

4 05 2009

I hear you, but I intentionally pointed at the specific groups “heathens who trust science” and “faith based conservatives”. Sure I possibly could have left the “conservatives” attribute out but it seems the vast majority of absurdly nutty creationists are right wing douchebag social conservatives…so I stand by my sweeping and overly broad obnoxious comment.

4 05 2009

We’ve already heard the Creationist response to this from our dear friend Catherine. The flu virus is an example of MICRO evolution. MACRO evolution, a word made up by Christian Mythologists, is something we can never witness, therefore doesn’t exist.

Just as the dark side of the moon doesn’t exist, because we can’t see it. And love. Love is just an abstract created by man. There is no real proof of its existence.

5 05 2009

What? God didn’t just feel like fucking with Mexicans?

Great video! I love Maher but I missed this episide–thanks for posting.

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