Holy Crap, I Agree With Rush Limbaugh?!

28 04 2009

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth to admit that but it’s true, on this topic and in this moment I agree with the Rushbo.  The torture defending, pill popping, homo phobing, war mongering champion of all things greedy selfish and neoconisticly conservative…has a soft spot for puppies.  Much to the chagrin of his right wing fans who believe it is “sport” to shoot and kill animals for fun, Rush is now fighting animal cruelty for the Humane Society.

Limbaugh has been airing public-service radio spots supporting a crack down on dogfighting and other animal-cruelty crimes as well as the moral obligation that we have to be good stewards of God’s creatures.

Whatever.  I might agree with his new pro-animal position here but I think this campaign has more to do with getting Rush “the great white fail” laid than it does with him getting in touch with his sensitive side and helping anyone other than himself.  Just two months ago a poll was released that showed only 37 percent of women held a favorable opinion of the femi-nazi baiting radio host.  He even went so far as to convene a ‘Female Summit’ to figure out why women hate him so much.  Sure he might be worried about his radio show’s ratings too but I think the more reasonable conclusion is that there are a diminishing (approaching zero) number of attractive women who would go so far as to put up with his pompous pimply gelatinous ass and go to bed with him.

Even so, I like the idea that Rush’s overt conservative obnoxiousness made it so impossible for him to get laid that he has to resort to joining a leftist kitten-hugger movement and piss off some of his more devoted listeners.

Alas, I may have to revisit my stance on Karma after all.

I wonder what hunter Dick thinks about all this?

I wonder what hunter Dick thinks about all this?




9 responses

28 04 2009

Rush likes puppies?
Okay, all is forgiven!

28 04 2009
Personal Failure

Now I’m questioning whether or not I should like puppies.

Shouldn’t we let the free market sort out dog fighting or something?

28 04 2009

I think the Colbert Nation would agree with that.

28 04 2009

He isn’t pro-puppies….he just jumped aboard the anti-dog fighting bandwagon which would of course make sense. 😛 Sigh….very Limpball if you me.

29 04 2009

You are a brave man to admit that you might now wade into a hot tub with Rush and share a big cigar. (Very funny post)

29 04 2009

I disagree with your premise SJ. I think Rush is more concerned with getting laid within the 10-year old Dominican boy demographic than with women.

29 04 2009

Oh Chris! Ew! It was bad enough thinking about Rush shagging… 😆

Anyway, if he does get lucky (with a female) let’s just hope the contraception works. Last thing I want to hear in my retirement years is Rush Limbaugh Jr. shooting off at the mouth.

30 04 2009

Don’t worry. Based on his hypocrisy in other issues, I don’t think he would be a hands-on father to any bastard children he conceives. Therefore, Rush Jr. wouldn’t have a role-model to instill that brand of hate.

19 05 2009
Seeing Eye Chick

Its just a trick. You know like when Satan says that you should help him find his kitten over there by that big green van with wall to wall shag.

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