Music That Moved Me To Tears

3 04 2009

Maybe there is something redeeming about religion because this totally made my day.




5 responses

4 04 2009

Thank you for sharing this. Now I can face the day! 😀

5 04 2009

The comedian who wrote the subtitles made your day, not religion.

5 04 2009

Do you mean to tell me that the subtitles weren’t what they were actually singing? Wow, I’m glad you pointed that out to me! If only I had known that before I might have posted this clip with a completely different title and comment. Gosh, after getting your insightful comment it now appears that what I wrote was exceedingly, dare I say almost intentionally, ironic and sarcastic…doesn’t it?

6 04 2009

What?! This wasn’t real? You deceitful bastard, you!


6 04 2009

Actually, I found it rather accurate.

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