Global Climate Change? No Problem, God Will Fix That!

29 03 2009

I regularly blather on about how religion impedes rational thought, but I’m sure there are some moderates that still don’t believe me.  Obviously in these modern times such antiquated but quaint stories of love and redemption wouldn’t really impact current debates on important issues.  Right?  I mean that would be completely insane.  Right!?

From the March 25, 2009 hearing of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

There isn’t a face palm big enough to  express my exasperation at this sort of willful ignorance, not to mention the impact such thinking can have on the rest of us.  I just wonder when these people will wake up.

It cannot be soon enough.



6 responses

29 03 2009
Personal Failure

I think god needs to get over here and fix my vacuum cleaner while he’s at it.

29 03 2009

Oh right. So we don’t need to take any responsibility whatsoever. Just let God’s will be done. Is that about right?

Did you notice the woman behind him, though? Watch her expression when he says he’s going to read from Genesis. I think I kind of like her. 😆

30 03 2009

You’ll notice how quickly god moved on that hole in the Ozone, so anything is possible.

30 03 2009

Yeah, there was a definite “Oh fuck, there he goes again…” look going on there. I wouldn’t have been able to keep such a straight face if I were there.

30 03 2009

Schmuckus. At least his last name is appropriate.

25 06 2009

What a fuckwit!

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