Texas BOE Narrowly Votes To Continue Evolving

26 03 2009

For those of you keeping score, according to the Texas BOE 70% of all Republicans are religious fundamentalists incapable of understanding basic evolutionary biology while 100% of Democrats (and thankfully 30% of Republicans) are scientifically enlightened enough to keep religious back wash out of Texas public schools.

According to the Dallas News Texas BOE board members deadlocked 7-7 on a motion to restore a long-time curriculum rule that “strengths and weaknesses” of all scientific theories – notably Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution – be taught in science classes and covered in textbooks for those subjects.

That’s not to suggest that Dentist Don McLeroy will be giving up his crusade to bring ignorance to the students of Texas. This was just a skirmish and I’m sure we have not heard the last of him and his gaggle of goose steppers for Jesus.

That said, a double extra bonus kick-ass kudos shout out goes to BOE member Mavis Knight of Dallas who, despite undergoing heart surgery in February, cast her vote by video conference from the state education service center in Richardson. We in the reality based community all owe you one for going the extra mile to keep reason and science undiluted in public schools. Very well done Madame!




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26 03 2009

I read the story on Mysa.com about the gathering in Austin to debate the issue. During one portion, some unidentified woman shouted, “My grandfather was not a monkey!”

Lawrence Krauss, director of the Origins Institute and a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, brought the smackdown on her:

“He wasn’t. We want the children of this country to understand that evolution doesn’t apply to, ‘your grandfather was a monkey. One of the reasons why so many people are against evolution is that they don’t understand it. We want our children to be presented with the science. We don’t want our children to be as ignorant as the woman.

The link is here:

26 03 2009

Good article. Another worthy quote from it.

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards should be clear, relevant and measurable, Kyle Lewallen, a scientist for ExxonMobile, told the board.

The “strengths and weaknesses” standard is neither clear nor measurable, he said, “and you leave it up to each individual teacher.”

Well would ya’ look at that. For once I’m in agreement with one of the Global Warming skeptics at ExxonMobile.

30 03 2009

I’ve just read the most astonishing book that has changed the way I think about Darwin and the whole debate – check out The Darwin Delusion and make your own mind up

30 03 2009

The problem is you think there is a debate going on. Evolution is evidence based science, not some argument over what you think or what makes you feel better.

I’ve read enough creationist fluff to know that they bring ignorance inspired questions and doubt, but never any evidence supporting their positive assertions of a creator. When you can give me something to prove your point (any point) we might then have a conversation. Until then it’s another book where a creationist explains how little they really understand about evolution and then whining that it’s unfair how it undermines their religion and nobody takes them seriously.

20 04 2009

nice, really nice!

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