This Is Your Brain On Religion

16 03 2009

If you ever wanted an example of how religion can completely skew rational thought I offer you this video.  Watch as Michael Shermer interviews true believer Georgia Purdom PhD (research scientist in molecular genetics) from the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  Absolutely no amount of data or evidence can dislodge the brain washing she’s been subjected to.  Ohio State must be very proud to have her as an alum.

I have no idea how Mr. Shermer keeps talking with this woman without pulling out what little hair he has left.  Amazing.  I know I’m recycling this cartoon, but man oh man does it fit here.




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16 03 2009
The Center Square

To be completely fair, I think it should be noted that millions upon millions of persons survive their religious affiliation without losing their capacity for rational thought. And likewise, more than a handful of non-religious folks are plenty skewed, too.

But I agree there is a fringe element who have taken religious views and, I would say, twisted them into completely unsupportable views. Not just creationism-as-science, but unscientific challenges to global warming, impeding stem cell research, claiming that Katrina was God’s vengeance on gays — the list goes on and on.

People interested in a chilling documentary on this topic might want to see the movie Jesus Camp.

16 03 2009

You’re absolutely right, the level of delusion and active denial of evidence exhibited in this video is truly exceptional. That said almost all religions require the suspension of critical thought to some degree or another. They refer to it as “faith”.

17 03 2009

I can’t wait to see the video where she explains how you can see all of the Earth
from the top of a mountain like Jesus did.

17 03 2009

I’d like her to explain how two Koalas traveled with enough eucalyptus leaves for travel to the ark, a 40 day boat ride, and a return trip across the ocean.

17 03 2009

“The starting point is essential in determining if evolution is correct.”*

I would have to agree with her on this one. Science’s starting point is “what can we observe in the natural world.” Creationists’ starting point is “what does the Bible tell us happened.”

*not verbatim

17 03 2009

Amazing….and I would have thought her degree came from a box of cracker jacks. Just goes to show that you can fake more than an orgasm…you can actually earn a degree by faking it. 😛

20 03 2009

Maybe she got her Daddy to buy her degrees for her like Bush did?

23 03 2009

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