Fox Eats Its Own

16 03 2009

Shepard Smith of Fox News mocks the crap out of Princess Douchenozzle Glenn Beck.  It’s kinda awesome.  Shepard has been a singular voice of average sanity on Fox.  I’m pretty sure MSNBC has a desk all warmed up for him if he manages to get himself fired.  I’m just saying.



4 responses

16 03 2009

I got to admit (as much as I hate Fox news), I’ve often liked what Shephard has to say.

16 03 2009

It’s not fair to lump Shep in with the MSNBC crowd, but I would not miss him if he left Fox.

16 03 2009

Wha? I like MSNBC. They’re no NPR mind you but between Maddow and Olberman they have some of the more intelligent voices out there.

As a rule I don’t watch Fox since I can’t afford to throw bricks through my TV every few days. So while I wouldn’t really miss Mr. Smith I do hope he would end up somewhere where he could continue to speak his mind.

17 03 2009

Mocked not nearly enough, IMO.

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