This Is “God’s Law”?

10 03 2009

This last Sunday the Vatican defended the excommunication of a pregnant Brazilian woman and the doctors who decided to abort the twins she was carrying.  Sounds like a reasonable application of the typical pro-life/anti-abortion logic.

Except that what the Vatican chose to ignore was that the doctors were saving the life of a pregnant Brazilian woman who happened to be a 9 year old girl who was pregnant because she was raped by her stepfather.

Yep,the regional archbishop, Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, pronounced excommunication for the mother for authorizing the operation and doctors who carried it out. The doctors’ evil motivation? They were afraid that the slim 9 year old girl would not survive carrying the fetuses to term.

“God’s law is above any human law. So when a human law … is contrary to God’s law, this human law has no value,” Cardoso said.

That’s not to say the church isn’t forgiving.  The stepfather, who had been sexually abusing the girl since the age of six AND sexually abusing the girl’s physically handicapped fourteen year old sister, was not excommunicated.

According to Cardoso even though the man committed “a heinous crime … the abortion – the elimination of an innocent life – was more serious”.

How the Catholic Church has the unmitigated gall to claim moral authority on anything is beyond my comprehension.  Why would anyone continue to be a member of this kind of barbaric and morally bankrupt organization?


Oh, by the way, the Brazilian police weren’t quite as understanding as the church.  The stepfather faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.



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10 03 2009
Personal Failure

They kind of run into a serious problem with job openings if they condemn kiddie rapers, you know.

10 03 2009

True, not to mention opening themselves up to obvious legal prosecution. Better to keep hiding behind and twisting God’s law to their favor because the laws of man find their actions repugnant and criminal.

10 03 2009

Well, it’s good to see rape of a 9-year old is not serious in the eyes of the Catholic Church. But, of course, it’s not unexpected as we see the Catholic Church has been raping 9-year olds for decades.

I suppose, since God’s Law supercedes human law, we should expect to NOT be excommunicated if we stone our stubborn and rebellious children to death in the public square. THAT elimination of human life is certainly acceptable.

10 03 2009

They punish the symptom of their God’s failed teachings. Far be it from the Vatican to be so morally advanced as to see the obvious. Chastising the victim is so much simpler than being outraged by the criminal causal behavior. Good heavens, why would we ever want to punish the monster making abortions necessary in the first place?

Stopping the culture of child rape and thereby avoiding many life threatening abortions? No, that would make far too much sense.

12 03 2009
Burton Alexander

Decades?! Dude, try centuries!! We’re only hearing about it now because our society is evolving to be more free, open and transparent.

Still too opaque for my liking tho…


10 03 2009

Cardoso and the stepfather make me wish that I believed in hell.This kind of thing is just RAPE in another form!

10 03 2009

Jesus Fucking Christ

11 03 2009

I find this to be a microcosm of the Christian faith as a whole.
Where Jesus says love the sinner, hate the sin, modern Christianity says treat all sinners as criminals, no exceptions (unless you rape a 9 yr old, then everything is okay in God’s law).
Where Jesus says judge not, lest ye be judged, modern Christianity says cast the sinner away from the congregation (look at Ted Haggard’s church’s reaction to him being gay).
Where Jesus says we are all equal in God’s eyes, modern Christianity is exclusive to only those that think as we do (see John Hagee, James Dobson).

For these reasons, I choose to follow logic and reason in my spiritual path.

26 05 2009

Haha, stop looking to the catholic church as a true church of faith, there focus on doctrines, creeds and traditions handed down by men have fallen short of any sort of recognition from a true believer who knows a wolf in sheeps clothing by its fruit, psalm118:8 its better to trust in God than put confidence in man! Look for a place where they hold fast to the scriptures and nothing else and you have found your true place of worship 🙂

12 03 2009

I think that if Jesus came back,he would probably be lynched by the fundementalists.

12 03 2009

I wrote a short story in college about Jesus coming back in modern times. He was crucified by the Moral Majority for his outrageous liberal beliefs.

12 03 2009

Tell it brother. Story of my life.

12 03 2009

This is outrageous–of course, the Catholic Church continues to protect ‘unborn lives’ above the rest of us. How surprised should I be.

12 03 2009

The unborn and child molesters. Yeah, color me shocked.

12 03 2009

re: Decades?! Dude, try centuries!!

I was giving the church the benefit of the doubt.

13 03 2009

The Catholic Church, once again, shows it’s twisted dogmatic hypocrisy and it’s peculiar relationship with child abusers.

14 03 2009

I think that Ratzinger gets most of his ideas on the family from his days in the Hitler Youth.

1 06 2009
Jesus Crist

who wrote this????

i am the only one.. i know the anwers.

22 10 2009

listen too all of those following degenerate religion where nothing comes out of it, all christian roots are nothing more than a laughable subject. If any is these is the correct one, Catholicism is you fucking baptist, evangelist, Mormons, or Jehovah’s. forget jesus christ when you can have a cat with a stick in his hand who has died and come back to life, thanks to cloning technology, as your messiah. –

27 01 2012

Fuck the vatican and the pope. Religions suck. The pope lives like a king while millions suffer and yet they want money from the poor. The pope and his clergy deserve to be fucked by dogs. But please use condoms because you don’t want them to spread their filthy germs on your dogs.

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