Evolution 101

21 02 2009

For any of you who doubt the veracity of evolution, or perhaps simply don’t understand it, this straightforward video should shed a little light on the topic in a far more informative and less offensive way that I generally would.  I know, I’m a big jerk.  Whatever.  But this is my attempt to make a more civil offering to the discourse.

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4 responses

21 02 2009

This guys is great, isn’t he? He’s seems very patient and polite too. His videos have a calming effect for me. Apart from being educational, they make for good relaxation therapy. 😆

Good video! Thanks for posting it.

23 02 2009

You lost me 28 seconds into it.
Everyone knows the Earth is flat.

28 02 2009

It’s the center of the universe to.

29 03 2009

Oh wow my cat just gave birth to a new species. It gave birth to a new form of sea mammel. It needed to adapt to falling into the tollite.

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