Muslims, They Do Love Their Irony

18 02 2009

Oh those silly silly peace loving Muslims.  Is there no length you won’t go to be Ironic?

And if you wait for it you’ll soon hear the Christians start to chime in about how even radical Christians are loving, accepting, and peaceful compared to Islam.  Ah yes, and don’t forget your Christian based hate, segregation, isolationism, myopic nationalism, and historic revisionism.   Practice hypocrisy much?



5 responses

18 02 2009

This was tragic.
I love the point you make about Christians. No, they wouldn’t do that. They just do things like handcuff a woman in an adult diaper and force her to listen to bible passages……

Wake up folks, it’s just a different kind of religious crazy based on invisible sky daddy’s.

18 02 2009

Oh boy…that’s a weird one.

18 02 2009

If not for the cognitive dissonance, Fundies’ heads would asplode if they ever realized the behavioral similarities between Muslim Extremists and themselves.

Other religions are evil or wrong -check
Sex is something to be supervised by the masses -check
Listen to us or you’ll go to hell -check

18 02 2009

You’re not capable of making your own decisions -check

19 02 2009

The biggest difference beteween Christian Fundementalists and Muslem fundementalists is the amount of air time their talking heads get in the media.

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