Darwin Birthday Tribute

12 02 2009

I was trying to think of the best way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth.  I just couldn’t think of one thing because the writing on this blog, as any regular reader knows, is an ongoing celebration and defense of the ideas Darwin first brought upon the scientific stage.  So with that in mind I simply offer some of my favorite Darwin and Evolution related posts.

Happy 200th Chuck!

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Abraham Lincoln Was No Jesus Freak

12 02 2009

“Mr. Lincoln was never a member of any Church, nor did he believe in the divinity of Christ, or the inspiration of the Scriptures in the sense understood by evangelical Christians.

When a boy, he showed no sign of that piety which his many biographers ascribe to his manhood. When he went to church at all, he went to mock, and came away to mimic.

When he came to New Salem, he consorted with Freethinkers, joined with them in deriding the gospel story of Jesus, read Volney and Paine, and then wrote a deliberate and labored essay, wherein he reached conclusions similar to theirs.”

— Colonel Ward H. Lamon (a religionist and Lincoln’s longtime friend), Life of Abraham Lincoln, pp. 486, 487, 157 (1872), cited by Franklin Steiner in The Religious Beliefs of Our Presidents

Happy Birthday to you Mr. Lincoln


The “Religion of Atheism” Myth

12 02 2009

Some Christians think that Atheism is a religious belief that requires just as much, if not more faith than Christianity. Some Atheists rightly reply that Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby. It’s a fair response but I don’t think it’s that simple.

I’m sure that from the perspective of the faithful we Atheists must appear to be remarkably devout especially because our beliefs are in polar opposition to theirs. That we would dare stand against such a vast majority to challenge the “truth” of God and His existence, that we would call out their beliefs as false, is the ultimate heresy that must demand equal opposing “faith” on our part. We certainly don’t view Atheism as a religion but to their eyes it must appear that way.

I personally think that to simply believe in God does not constitute a religion, but the act of worshiping Him does. Ironically then it’s not my Atheism that they’re confusing for religion but my active anti-theism. I abhor, reject and regularly challenge those of faith. It is my opposition to the dogma of their religion and my willingness to challenge the very core of their faith, not merely Jesus but God Himself, that they confuse as a form of Atheist evangelism.

The multitude of the faithful may think I want the populate the world with Atheists. Not exactly. Instead I like to imagine a day when we can actually retire the moniker of Atheist because we all know that there is no God and that we instead learn to treat each other with humility and kindness out of deference to our own humanity instead of killing each other in the name of whatever God we’ve fabricated.