Can God Make a Poop So Big That Even He Can’t Pass it?

5 02 2009

Truly, it is a question that has troubled theologians for ages.

We can imagine an all powerful God.  We can also imagine He has a tremendous appetite of course which includes an infinite fondness for cheese and corn.

LOTS of cheese and corn.

So can God make an infinitely large corny log SO big that even He can’t drop it off at the pool?

If he can’t muster up a steaming Charlie of sufficient mass as to get divinely sideways and dam up His holy mud hole then he is clearly not all powerful.  Then again, if He can grunt the brown dead Pope past his Saint Peter then he has still proven to be less than fecally all powerful.

It all just boggles the mind.




8 responses

5 02 2009
Personal Failure

If I hadn’t already been an atheist . . .

5 02 2009

I know. I’m just over here straining to bring reason to the world one grunty at a time.

5 02 2009

I’ve been immortalized!
I feel….honored.

5 02 2009

Yes, without your inspiration people around the globe right now would not be visualizing God veining his forehead to give birth to a mighty corn laden meat Twinkie. I know my grandchildren will be proud. 🙂

6 02 2009

Your superlative descriptions of poop make my brain smile.

10 02 2009

We are made in his image, aren’t we? If we can get constipated than so can God. Shouldn’t you know this already?

20 06 2009
Desiree Douglas

SJ ~ What would we do without you. You always bring a smile to my face. Just as long as we don’t get into it with one of those dipshits. Does that lady still write and hassle you? Remember that time we were sending messages back and forth to her for about two or three hours. I had to tell her that I couldn’t wait to burn in hell. All my friends will be there! LMFAO!!! ~ desiree

4 02 2012

God makes a poop burger?

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