16 Random Things

17 01 2009

My friend Chris has tagged me for the 16 Random Things meme. So be it, let’s get this over with.

1. I have never before complied with one of these damn cursed internet games. That said Chris should be feeling pretty special right about now knowing that I’ve given up my meme cherry to him. All without buying me dinner first.

2. I have been programming since 7th grade (1981) when I first saw a Radio Shack TRS-80 at the local library. One of these days I might even figure out what I’m doing.

3. Many of my friends and associates throughout my life were into comic books and Dungeons & Dragons but I didn’t understood the fascination. Instead I sat at the lunch table having no idea what they were talking about and thinking “that must be the best video game EVER!” Then they let me play once. After being handed some cards and some funky dice I knew for sure I would never understand the fascination.

4. I wasn’t sure I was a good enough swimmer in high school to cast a vote for myself to be captain. At the last minute I changed my mind thinking “why not?” …I was elected captain by one vote.

5. I can swim the butterfly better now than I did in High School (23 years ago). I think I might finally be qualified to be captain now.

6. For a short time I worked as a telemarketer. That experience has given me some context and appreciation for how tedious and difficult that job can be. It also has inexplicably provided me with inordinate pleasure every time I am given the opportunity to hang up on them.

7. I don’t care what you think, my kids are just better than your kids. Unless you’re my Mom, then it might be a tie.

8. I used to be a Christian, or at least I thought I was. I didn’t really think about it all that much back then. Then I thought about it a little and now I’m an agnostic/atheist (take your pick). And yes I like to argue with people about it because those of faith clearly haven’t really thought about it and are wrong. No really.

9. I like flavored coffee. With creme. And sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Often.

10. Crap, if I’ve been reduce to saying something as lame as #9 then I’m obviously running out of interesting random things to write about. So I’m going to change the rules and only write 10 random things. Ha, suck on that Internet meme writers! And since I’m breaking the rules I’m also going to only tag 10 other poor bastards for this assignment. As a bonus I can reasonably claim my meme cherry is still intact having not actually “completed” this one.

Right, so the people I will drop this annoying burden on are: Kim, Jeff, Denise, Chris, Chase, Sarah, Devin, Scott, Damen, and Bryan. I’ll post links if you send me your published lists. And no I don’t mind if you dog me on this, I completely understand how lame this is. I’ll try to not let it happen again.