War On Christmas? Whatever.

18 12 2008

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech”

Right.  So when there is a religious display in a state building they must allow others with different religious ideas to have a display too.  That’s not so tough is it?

If you don’t want another viewpoint next to your manger scene then put it up in front of your church and not on government property!  If you insist on installing depictions of your fairy tales on public property then expect to have it mocked by everyone who doesn’t believe your particular flavor of crazy.

How tedious.  It’s not a war on Christmas, it’s a war on ignorant people who don’t remember that the very first sentence of the Bill of Rights explains quite clearly that the USA is NOT a Christian nation.

Yes you festering Fox news Massengill dumpsters, I’m talking to you.



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19 12 2008

Ok! Thanks!

Now I’m really angry again!

19 12 2008

Ah, but you know that the minority of “others” in this country are specifically out to destroy the very fabric of Christmas. I mean after all no Christian was ever involved in stealing ideas from Pagans and mythology in the creation of this birthday party. I mean it makes perfect sense to have a tree with lights, a fat man in a red suit, and presents under the tree for their perfect little “angels” in celebration of a SUPPOSED poverty stricken virgin mother having a baby God/Mortal in a flee bitten, feces infested manger because what was probably a Conservative Republican innkeeper refused them shelter and there was no one else in town that would extend themselves. And of course you should be able to display this vulgar idea in front of Government buildings that more rational people also support with their taxes. Yeah, right!

19 12 2008

Michelle Malkin? Isn’t she just a bad copy of Ann Coulter. I didn’t even bother to click the link to hear what she had to say.

As for the “War on Christmas,” let’s open our history books and read why Christmas and Easter were made to come in the middle of Pagan Holidays. It’s not even your holiday, you friggin morans! You stole it just like you stole the story of the Great Flood and the Creation of Man.
The only thing worse than feigned outrage is deliberate ignorance.

Oh, and freedom of religion only counts if the religion involved Jesus.

25 12 2008

Just like that old cliche–it takes two to tango–it takes two sides (or more) to fight a war. Stop being the other side. Lighten up a little! What the hell–Merry Christmas!

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