What I Want For Christmas!

4 12 2008

Tasteless yet Tasty all at the same time.

Sweet fetus goodness

Sweet fetus goodness

Talk about sweet baby Jesus!  Get the afterbirth colored frosting and some sprinkles and we have a party!!




3 responses

4 12 2008

Dude, were you looking through my webpage history on my computer? I seriously was looking at some of those online yesterday. If Abortion Party ever has a live show, those cookies will have to be given to the crowd.

I beg to differ on it being the best gift ever. The hubby ordered my present last night and it has the cookie cutter beat for the best Christmas present. It’s even coming with an electronic extra special gift – because we’re fans of technology and all. 😉

6 12 2008

America eats it’s young. Cookies that is.

9 12 2008

Hey, SJ – I noticed some of your posts have been lighthearted recently. Is this a new climate of… hope?

I got to thinking; “is SJ allright? Where’s the rage?”

and then I realised you just needed something to make you angry. I’m glad that there’s humor in your blog these days. If you want to get so annoyed that you can’t sleep, though, try reading this:


or read a summary here:


Worrisome shit!

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