Chicken Little Or Nostradamus?

25 11 2008

Peter Schiff made numerous appearances on Fox news and it’s astonishing to watch his spot on analysis so glibly dismissed by the conservative cheerleaders.  I don’t suppose Fox will go back and highlight how right he was and how wrong their people were.  Seriously, this is pretty amazing to watch.

PS: Ben Stein, you’re a pompus self important ass pustule.



3 responses

25 11 2008

Ben Stein is frequently wrong. The scoffing in the background makes me wants to slap someone.

Good video find.

26 11 2008

all these guys laughing are assholes. Id be curious to know how much they lost because of their head in the sand approach to reality. He was dead on with the call about the housing market.

2 12 2008

There was an article I saw a while back, I think in Newsweek, that talked about how all the asshole Chickenhawk “analysts” like Bill Kristol have made a fortune in money and prestige being completely wrong about Iraq, while those who were ultimately right are on the sidelines right now fighting to be respected.

Nothing makes me more angry than unfounded Neocon arrogance.

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