On Behalf Of President Obama, Thank You George W. Bush!

5 11 2008

Mr. Bush, I’m sure it wasn’t your intent but I think it’s clear that Barack Obama couldn’t have made this historic ascent to the presidency without you.  Let us look at your list of accomplishments that brought Barack to this extraordinary moment.

Looking back to 2000 you smeared John McCain with such vicious and impossible lies that the man who had successfully resisted years of torture at the hands of the Vietcong was left utterly broken.  The resulting Stockholm syndrome Mr. McCain suffered from rendered him a stultified shell of the independent man he once was, now agreeing with your cynical and often criminal policies 90% of the time.

Your astonishing ability to lay waste to everything you touched meant that John McCain would never be able to hide from the shame of his trauma induced complicity.  McCain’s failed attempts to emulate the very dishonorable methods you vanquished him with eight years ago only served as evidence that he had tragically succumbed to your reprehensible mindset.

The outrage felt towards you and your accomplices by the American public is only rivaled by our collective shame for electing you a second term to complete your life’s contemptible master work.  It is only in the election of Barack Obama that your hopes of reducing the patriotism of this nation from a flag raised by bloodied soldiers over Iow Jima to a lapel pin (made in China) has failed.

No Mr. Bush, as much as you have done to vandalize and plunder this country and everything she stands for we Americans must ironically thank you.  We thank you for showing us the darkest avarice and vulgar incompetence this country is capable of.  You have shown us the worst and challenged us to prove we can be better.  Only from the ashes of your comprehensive and abysmal failure can someone as noble and worthy as Barack Obama rise up and bring forth the promise of hope anew.  America is shattered and divided now but she will someday rise again and be far better…despite you.




9 responses

5 11 2008

Now what are we going to talk about for the next 4 years? Wow!

5 11 2008

Barbara, we can tell all the neocons to quit whining like they did to us for the last 8 years lol.

5 11 2008

SuperJesus–brilliant, very nicely stated. Bush’s pathetic excuse for a presidency should indeed be thanked for the fall of the GOP and the ~slight~ but undeniable leftward-shift in Washington.

6 11 2008

hey SJ,
how do I remove a blog?

6 11 2008
Minus One

Very well said.

12 11 2008

Big Brother loves Super Jesus

29 11 2008
chris colbert

I’ll bet if Bush could run for a third term, he would be re-elected. Not everyone believes the country is in ruins.

Which is it; Vulgar incompetence or successful implementation of a master plan? Why do you, and other’s like you, constantly accuse this administration of running the world and every aspect of your lives, while also accusing Bush and company of being incompetent fools? If Bush is guilty of even half the accusations, he should go down as one of the most brilliant minds of all time.
I don’t think that’s likely. So calm down, use a little common sense, and start looking ahead.

I am not even slightly ashamed of putting mister Bush in office not once, but twice. So leave me out of the collective.

“Hope” won’t help you out of the fantasy you have built for yourself. Only lot’s of therapy and hard work can do that. Here’s hoping you pull it off.

30 11 2008

Chris, kudos to you for commenting here, I always appreciate a differing opinion. I would be interested to see the evidence you base your position on because I certainly don’t see it. Believe what you like about Bush being re-electable but I and the rest of the world couldn’t disagree with you more.

2 12 2008

Alas I think I’ve found a little insight into the world Chris has been living in. It is quite the happy place isn’t it?

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