Who Do The Ignorant Vote For?

20 10 2008

When you’re choosing a candidate what do you consider to be most important in making that decision?  Policy positions?  Integrity?  Intelligence?  Composure under pressure?  Or are you the kind of voter that takes bigotry and irrational thought to a whole new level?

Breathtaking isn’t it?

Driftglass Nails It

19 10 2008

I don’t usually link drop like this but for something this good I’ll make an exception.  Visit Driftglass and bask in some seriously inspired invective.


Does The Faith Of A President Matter?

16 10 2008

The Constitution considers citizenship but not faith nor race nor descent as prerequisites when determining who can become a U.S. President.  However I must disagree with the point Ms. Brown is trying to make since I think the professed faith of someone, especially our leaders, most certainly does matter.

A steadfast belief in any ridiculous, unprovable idea that has no evidence to support it should be fairly considered as reasonable grounds to rule out a nominee by an informed and rational electorate.  A belief in Allah is every bit as stupid and irrational as a belief in any other God including Jesus, Vishnu, Zeus, or Thor.  Just as a belief in a flat earth would be grounds for ridicule so too should the faith required by nearly every organized religion in the world.  In a sane world anyone running for office professing such blind faith should be utterly unelectable because their campaign would be roundly ignored as that of a fool.

Sadly this country is massively deluded and therefore regards some stupid ideas as unacceptable while giving other equally stupid ideas the seal of approval.  It is a sad commentary to know that many of our brightest leaders likely have no such faith but still must profess the be Christian and bow down before a symbol of torture to get elected.  Alas, they must pretend to be the same brand of stupid as everyone else.

It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

“Real” Facts Only Come From Fox News!

13 10 2008

Cartoons would never use real information to make a point, would they?

Did Anyone Notice? Obama, He’s BLACK!

13 10 2008

Holy fuck, you mean a black man is running for president?!  Where the hell have I been?


9 10 2008

Who Would Super Jesus Vote For?

Bigots need not apply

Bigots need not apply

Make Believe Maverick

7 10 2008

Rolling Stone did an in depth piece on the life and career of John McCain that should be required reading for all voters. That goes double for undecided voters.

Please check it out.

Super J.

Like Hope, But Different

7 10 2008

Here are a couple of inspiring McCain videos. I am totally supporting the Maverick party.*

* And by “totally supporting” I mean “totally making fun of” and then I’m totally voting for Obama. **

** And by “totally voting for” I mean getting old Republicans drunk before they vote so they have a 50/50 chance of accidentally casting their ballot for Obama too. Hell yeah!

Life Imitating The Far Side

7 10 2008

Just a little trivia awesomeness to make your day complete.

Does McCain’s Poor Judgement Extend Beyond Choosing Palin?

6 10 2008

The fiction of McCain’s “Maverick” status shows how, then as now, John happily takes the perks and advice of corrupt lobbyists.  His judgment was poor then and it is obvious that his judgment is even worse now that his political back up against the wall.  Stand back and just watch how negative his campaign is going to get.

Here’s a short primmer on the Keating 5 for a little background.  Enjoy.