Video Of Barack Obama Rapping In High School!

24 10 2008

It’s true!  This is a rare glimpse of a young Barack “Hydrogen” Obama freestyle rapping.  You can completely see the early hints of his later oratorical skills.  Despite what the title of the video indicates the audio track is the original audio recorded at the event.  Truly inspiring.

PS: McCain sucks.  (I just had to throw that in)


Compelling Reasons To Vote McCain

20 10 2008

Yes We Carve!

20 10 2008

This looks like a good idea.  🙂

Who Do The Ignorant Vote For?

20 10 2008

When you’re choosing a candidate what do you consider to be most important in making that decision?  Policy positions?  Integrity?  Intelligence?  Composure under pressure?  Or are you the kind of voter that takes bigotry and irrational thought to a whole new level?

Breathtaking isn’t it?

Driftglass Nails It

19 10 2008

I don’t usually link drop like this but for something this good I’ll make an exception.  Visit Driftglass and bask in some seriously inspired invective.


Does The Faith Of A President Matter?

16 10 2008

The Constitution considers citizenship but not faith nor race nor descent as prerequisites when determining who can become a U.S. President.  However I must disagree with the point Ms. Brown is trying to make since I think the professed faith of someone, especially our leaders, most certainly does matter.

A steadfast belief in any ridiculous, unprovable idea that has no evidence to support it should be fairly considered as reasonable grounds to rule out a nominee by an informed and rational electorate.  A belief in Allah is every bit as stupid and irrational as a belief in any other God including Jesus, Vishnu, Zeus, or Thor.  Just as a belief in a flat earth would be grounds for ridicule so too should the faith required by nearly every organized religion in the world.  In a sane world anyone running for office professing such blind faith should be utterly unelectable because their campaign would be roundly ignored as that of a fool.

Sadly this country is massively deluded and therefore regards some stupid ideas as unacceptable while giving other equally stupid ideas the seal of approval.  It is a sad commentary to know that many of our brightest leaders likely have no such faith but still must profess the be Christian and bow down before a symbol of torture to get elected.  Alas, they must pretend to be the same brand of stupid as everyone else.

It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

“Real” Facts Only Come From Fox News!

13 10 2008

Cartoons would never use real information to make a point, would they?