The Undead For President!

31 10 2008



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31 10 2008
31 10 2008

Your logic is flawed. Bush’s policies (which McCain fully supports) have led to the deaths of thousands of American soldiers. By your logic then McCain is about 500 times worse than Obama.

31 10 2008
Sisyphus Fragment

John McCain is absolutely evil.

1 11 2008


It’s nice that you post a link to your blog and then you refuse to post comments on your blog when they aren’t agreeable to your fear mongering ignorance.

Your post is part of the problem of the fear based ignorance that is the GOP. It doesn’t surprise me that the GOP is falling apart and becoming an ineffective wasteland. Even some of the most hardcore base is jumping ship because of the foolishness that is this campaign of stupidity and rhetoric. But thank you for driving more Republicans and Independents to vote for Obama.

If you want to look at associations past and present I would just direct you to one. Sarah Palin.

1 11 2008

Atheists Contradict Themselves
By Steve Cornell

[body of this copy-paste comment was removed because it was long and completely irrelevant to the thread. But I’ll leave the link in case anyone really wants to read why atheists contradict themselves. Next time at least spam a relevant post.]

4 11 2008

So this means you’re voting for McCain, right? šŸ˜‰

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