Anti-Socialist Hypocrites Please Stand Up!

30 10 2008

Let’s not forget John McCain who voted FOR the $700 billion banking bailout and then proceeded to whine about how much of a socialist Obama is. Straight talk express my ass, it’s more like the Hypocrisy Red-Eye.

Mostly fucking hypocrites.

Who are the socialists again?



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30 10 2008
Sisyphus Fragment

Alaska and how it divvies out oil money, nuff said..

30 10 2008

And what the f*ck do these people think taxes are in the first place? A f’in church donation? If we were true capitalists we wouldn’t even have taxes or jail people for not paying them! Who are the idiots who believe this Obama/socialist crap? It’s amazing!

5 11 2008

Wow madmonq, you are the reason I am happy for free speech it allows idiots like you to open their mouths and remove all doubt how stupid they are!!!

5 11 2008

sorry i didnt realize you were criticizing the idiots who think he is a socialist. tone down the anger and be happy!!!!!! the democratic process works once again and hope lives!!!!!

6 11 2008

That’s OK. I’m sure I’m sometimes guilty of your first comment too.

14 01 2011

I’m not encouraged by this site or any of the blogs. The US is in serious trouble, and not because of Bush or Obama, but because our former and current “leaders” have mismanaged our National revenue (taxes), our economy (which is now Global, but outleveraged, and have no distinct plan to fix it because of bipartisan politics, ridiculous legislation, and regulations that stifle any chance of US growth.

It’s simple…..ONE CANNOT SPEND MORE THAN ONE HAS TO SPEND!!!!!!!! It’s called real life business.

My guess is the above blogs come from 20 t0 30 yo folks that have had everything given to them on a silver platter and have no clue how to run an effective business, yet have an opinion about things they know nothing about. For all of you, the last 3 generations have screwed you because we have let the politicians get away with murder….because we voted for idiots that had no idea what they were doing and we were bipartisan instead of all unified!!!

Time for your generation to take our country back to the original constitution and have accountability in government, less spending, more revenue from big businesses that are screwing the little guy, a regulated Federal Reserve (which is NOT a governmental branch), and a regulated Wall Street. Instead, we have voted over and over again to regulate the little guys while allowing the power brokers and lobbyists to get away with destroying our nation.

READ the original Constitution!! It made sense then….our current constitution does not:)

15 01 2011

While I agree that the big money and big business is ruining this nation I’m not sure what original constitution you’re referring to. So I’ll bite, are you talking about the same one that only gave male land owners the vote, established 3/5ths personhood for African Americans and was passively approving of slavery, or do you have something else in mind?

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