No Fat Ladies Singing Yet

29 10 2008

Let’s get this thing done first, then drinks are on me.



One response

29 10 2008

Republicans try to paint Barack Obama as someone to fear, someone not ready. Yet respected Spiritual leaders from different faiths and persuasions have come together as a group to write a letter and endorse Barack Obama as a true leader for these tumultuous times.

“As spiritual leaders signing this letter we are stepping forward to say: “We can make a difference” As our spiritual practice empties, opens and strengthens us, we are naturally moved to engage in the world with compassion, equanimity, and the dedication to live our values. We know many of you are already both concerned and involved in this year’s Presidential election. Yet, in the past weeks, many of us have heard friends in the spiritual community expressing ambivalence about voting. When asked why they wouldn’t vote we heard things like: “It doesn’t make any difference”; “I’m more interested in spiritual practice than politics”.

This election, we have an opportunity to create a paradigm shift in the nature of politics. Senator McCain has voted with President Bush over 90% of the time leading to policies that have increased violence the world, furthered environmental destruction, tried to force religious views on the country, and shown a staggering lack of compassion for those most in need.

Play a role in bringing peace and justice back to the planet by voting for Barack Obama.

If you allow yourself to envision the world as it could be rather than the world as it is, what would it look like? And more importantly, what would you be willing to do to help create that world?

Deepak Chopra, Jack Kornfield, Lama Surya Das. Jean Houston, Jack Kornfield, Reggie Ray, Reb Zalman Shachter-Shalomi, Seane Corn, Cyndi Lee, Jack Canfield, Shiva Rea, Pema Chödrön, Marianne Williamson, Barbara De Angelis, Roshi Joan Halifax, Joan Borysenko, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Stephan Rechtschaffen, Judith Ansara Gass, Robert Gass — and more every day!


Americans all accross this country realize we need fundamental change, radical change, if we are to survive and thrive as a country. Barack Obama has brought many people together, such as Republicans who have never voted for Democrats, Newspapers who usually endorse Republicans, Generals, world leaders and a whole host of people, yound and old, gay and straight, and of all racial persuasions who realize that we have an opportunity in this great leader to fundamentally bring about positive and holistic change, not jusst for America but the world. Barack Obama has shown us through his words, actions and deeds, that we do not have to run a campaign through lies, deceit and deceptions. That you do not have to tear an opponent down or dislike him because he disagrees with you. He has elevated this political areana and ourselves, that we can be better and do better. He offers hope and inspiration, something which has been lacking in American culture for awhile. He asks us to overcome our differences and to unite for a common cause, and for the good of this nation. He asks to choose love over hate, unity over diversity, and sharing over greed.

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