Best Obama Ad Yet!

29 10 2008

This is 30 seconds of to the point and sum it up awesome.



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29 10 2008
Leslie in California

Cut and pasted from National Review Online –

[Edit: here’s a link to “The Obama Temptation” by Mark R. Levin instead. I usually leave comments except when they’re mindless cut and paste jobs that are ridiculously long. -SJ]

29 10 2008

You’re so scared by the Republican smears and lies that you cannot even express your terror with your own words and are left cutting and pasting the propaganda directly. Sad.

So not only is Obama a Marxist, a radical, a black liberation theologist, terrorist sympathizer, and Constitution-hater, but now he’s also a hardened ideologue and a charismatic demagogue? That seems a rather unlikely combination especially given the past two years of public vetting doesn’t it? Such criticism also strikes me as remarkably ironic considering the gratuitous right wing fawning over someone as profoundly incompetent as Sarah Palin.

My vote is not based on some fabricated presumption of hero worship but, like Colin Powell and other more thoughtful Republicans, based on policy differences. If you have something you wish to discuss I’ll engage you but save your xerox methods for the ignorant conservative blogs.

30 10 2008

I’ve been back and forth with Obama throughout this election. I was basically voting for him because I didn’t want to see Sarah Palin installed as a VP. After this ad last night I was reassured that my vote is now more for Obama and less against Sarah Palin.

He has incredible vision in the future and I am pleased with his plans for college students (since I have 2 sons attending college right now). I appreciate that he addressed companies taking jobs overseas without any penalty.

So while McCain/Palin continue to focus on fear, Obama focuses on the positive of change and moving forward. I guess for most of the right that is something they cling to, the “fear” that Bush gave them and that the McCain campaign continues to rely on. McCain said he isn’t Bush, yet you couldn’t tell that by the campaign ads he’s running. Maybe he wasn’t in 2000, but he is now.

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