Biden Caught On Video Beating Woman

26 10 2008

True, he was just defending himself but he seems to mercilessly pummel her just the same.  I’m not saying she didn’t deserve it but just because she’s flinging so much shit at you is no reason to go all Rodney King on her like that. Yowsa!



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27 10 2008
27 10 2008

Biden did an excellent job with this woman condidering the likely setup. Obviously this woman who is married to a GOP Consultant was looking for a slip up. I thought it was funny when Joe Biden said “I don’t know who is giving you these questions”. I bet he does now. 😉

27 10 2008

he handled her quite diplomatically and handed her ass to her without getting riled …. it would have been interesting to see McCain handled in the same way and how he would react ….

The smugness of these desperate dickweeds is maddening, i will be so glad to see them fall into the minority in about a weeks time

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