Who Do The Ignorant Vote For?

20 10 2008

When you’re choosing a candidate what do you consider to be most important in making that decision?  Policy positions?  Integrity?  Intelligence?  Composure under pressure?  Or are you the kind of voter that takes bigotry and irrational thought to a whole new level?

Breathtaking isn’t it?




4 responses

20 10 2008

Wow…I’m a Christian and I think that’s appalling. “That’s not the Christianity that’s in the Bible”…I don’t think she knows the Christianity that’s in the Bible. What really shocks me is how some people are so prejudiced against Muslims when a large amount of Muslims put up with people who have views like this. And I don’t understand why she has to mention Obama’s parents. :s I hope her husband prays for her, not the other way around.

23 10 2008

Damn, I’m backing the wrong candidate. Okay, that just convinced me I should just go and write in Jesus on the ballot. Hmmm….I wonder about that name though, Jesus sounds foreign to me, like it might not be very Christian…..just sayin’. Was he an American citizen? We can’t trust those foreigners. Wait a minute, wasn’t he from the Middle East, OMG, Jesus was a MUSLIM!!!

Who knew. I guess I’ll just go vote for Obama, that was so disappointing.

25 10 2008

Wow. These people scare me. Have you seen this video?

Gotta love those dumb asses in Strongsville. I always disassociated myself from that place as much as possible, even when I was growing up there, but videos like this that show some of their lovely village idiots makes me hate the place even more.

26 10 2008

I wish I knew that lady, I could go tell her how much I lurve Jesus so she will trust me and then I will rob her blind.

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