Does The Faith Of A President Matter?

16 10 2008

The Constitution considers citizenship but not faith nor race nor descent as prerequisites when determining who can become a U.S. President.  However I must disagree with the point Ms. Brown is trying to make since I think the professed faith of someone, especially our leaders, most certainly does matter.

A steadfast belief in any ridiculous, unprovable idea that has no evidence to support it should be fairly considered as reasonable grounds to rule out a nominee by an informed and rational electorate.  A belief in Allah is every bit as stupid and irrational as a belief in any other God including Jesus, Vishnu, Zeus, or Thor.  Just as a belief in a flat earth would be grounds for ridicule so too should the faith required by nearly every organized religion in the world.  In a sane world anyone running for office professing such blind faith should be utterly unelectable because their campaign would be roundly ignored as that of a fool.

Sadly this country is massively deluded and therefore regards some stupid ideas as unacceptable while giving other equally stupid ideas the seal of approval.  It is a sad commentary to know that many of our brightest leaders likely have no such faith but still must profess the be Christian and bow down before a symbol of torture to get elected.  Alas, they must pretend to be the same brand of stupid as everyone else.

It is a sad state of affairs indeed.



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17 10 2008

Very well said.

17 10 2008

I totally agree with you that it DOES matter. If Obama (or anyone else) were simply Arab or Jew, etc., I wouldn’t care. If he’s Muslim… oh HELL naw! I see what’s happening in England already. Not here. Not unless you want a really good dose of what it was like to be a Jew in 1942.

18 10 2008

It matters because the most powerful person on the planet only gets the job when enough people vote for him. It’s all about playing to the hopes, dreams and especially fears of the electorate – which according to polls, some 90% believe in some kind of deity.
You and I know it’s illogical, but it certainly does matter.

19 10 2008

Muslim: not ok. Christian: Not ok. Theist: Not ok.

All of the above are dumb beyond belief.

That being said… Muslims — even the liberal ones — are a tough thing to accept. Try interviewing liberal Muslims, and try to get them to condemn such practices as honor killings, try to get them to condemn such practices as the censorship of ideas which are offensive to Islam (e.g. the Danish cartoons.)

Islam is a young religion, and on top of that, its “holy” book is a lot more radical and freaky in its condemnation of those who do not agree — “infidels” — than the Christian “holy” book — which is more than batshitinsane enough for anyone.

20 10 2008

I have to concede that some religions are worse than others. The problem is that moderates of all flavors or religion may be fine by themselves but they create an environment that validates the beliefs of their radical counterparts. Once it becomes a question of which radical religion is better it’s really a question of “would you like to be shot in the head with M-16 or an AK-47 ?” …Neither thank you.

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