9 10 2008

Who Would Super Jesus Vote For?

Bigots need not apply

Bigots need not apply




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9 10 2008

Haha so you’re a bigot if you don’t vote for him? Haha what a tool! Come out of the basement and get some sun, it’ll do you good!

9 10 2008

You are sooooooooo bright. I can’t believe your level of intelligence. Please tell me, are you voting for McCain or do you secretly harbor a crush on Ron Paul? Come out of the basement and get some sun…..OMFSM…..you are so funny….. 😛

Yeah, I’m voting for “That One” too! 😉

9 10 2008

@Rob: I didn’t mean to offend you. To be clear, I think you erroneously suggest a false positive assertion on my part that if one votes for McCain one must also be a bigot.

Clearly that isn’t the only reason someone would vote for the McCain / Palin ticket. Another valid excuse could be that the voter is just stupid. That said, you may be an overachiever and very well might fall into both categories. Maybe not. I’m just saying.

Evangelically yours (in a completely heterosexual way)
Super J.

13 10 2008

Barb-I agree I am bright.

If he’s not calling people who don’t vote for McCain bigots, then why put into that? Keep praising the Super DoucheBag, he needs the love.

SuperDB-If I wanted something not funny, I would go see Bill Mahers new “movie”.

BTW, I don’t like McCain. I just hate socialism more.

Oh and since I already brought up Bill Maher, copying his routine won’t win you fans big guy! He’s not funny, whether you agree with him or not. Neither are you.

13 10 2008

I have no idea why you’re connecting me with Bill Maher, but thanks all the same.

As an aside Rob, you’ll be happy to see that Florida is now trending strongly towards Obama. Thanks for your support!

14 10 2008

Are you afraid people are going to recognize you as unoriginal? Its ok, we can pretend that no one already thinks that…:)

Dude, I agree that Obama is going to win. Not only is he winning Florida but he is also winning Ohio and Pennsylvania. Whoever is going to win needs to win 2 of those 3 and Obama has big leads in each state.

But you’re “Bigots need not apply” remark is a joke just like you and your logic is. Hope you enjoy socialism the next four years…thats how long he’ll last.

Unfortunately Colin Powell didn’t run, he would’ve stormed through these elections.

14 10 2008

I hope it doesn’t surprise you that I agree with you that Colin Powell would have been a far better choice for the Republican party for either President or Vice. It would be a much more interesting and inspiring presidential contest.

As for Obama, I don’t think he’s bringing full on socialism but either way I’m pretty sure the economy cannot survive four more years of this unbridled and unregulated Bush/Conservative capitalism.

(PS: Rob, just between you and me, “you’re” is a contraction of “you are” while “your” is the possessive form of “you”. Just trying to help clear that up for you.)

15 10 2008

Hahaha this is what happens when uninteligent people vote…kind of like people who put the “Bigots need not apply”….

16 10 2008

I agree that audio clip is very troubling. Of course we have idiots on all sides of this debate. I submit this bit of evidence in the interest of fairness.

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