Make Believe Maverick

7 10 2008

Rolling Stone did an in depth piece on the life and career of John McCain that should be required reading for all voters. That goes double for undecided voters.

Please check it out.

Super J.



3 responses

13 10 2008

Bwhahahahahahaaha, you make it easy don’t you?

Rolling Stone?

Recommended reading for an upcoming election?

At least the NYT pretends to be a news outlet.

SuperJesus Christ! You’re dumber than Rain Man.

13 10 2008

Yeah I forgot that the only real source for news is Fox. Don’t you worry yourself reading anything Rob.

Hey, was that you at the McCain campaign stop insisting that Obama is an Arab or were you the one with the toy monkey?

14 10 2008
Reverend Manny

SuperJesus, I read that piece a while ago and what Rob forgets to mention is that THAT piece was far more fact-checked then some Fox News piece. Rob makes no denials of the facts. Says nothing about this twisted little man that’s running for president.

Instead he just comments that it’s an inappropriate source. Way to engage in the democratic debate there, Rob.

Keep it up, your stuff is definitely on point.

One Love,
–Reverend Manny

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