Does McCain’s Poor Judgement Extend Beyond Choosing Palin?

6 10 2008

The fiction of McCain’s “Maverick” status shows how, then as now, John happily takes the perks and advice of corrupt lobbyists.  His judgment was poor then and it is obvious that his judgment is even worse now that his political back up against the wall.  Stand back and just watch how negative his campaign is going to get.

Here’s a short primmer on the Keating 5 for a little background.  Enjoy.




One response

6 10 2008

I am so disgusted with McCain/Palin… much so that I am voting for Obama out of a sense of desperation. How can anyone in their right mind give a vote to those two? Ah, the delusion of believing in Christ and Palin all at the same time. 😛 Yes, the blathering idiot who actually believes that she can keep an eye on Putin from Alaska. I want some of those drugs you conservatives have been taking.

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