Who Do Economists Prefer For President?

5 10 2008

According to the conservative Economist magazine:

“Where the candidates’ positions are more clearly articulated, Mr Obama scores better on nearly every issue: promoting fiscal discipline, energy policy, reducing the number of people without health insurance, controlling health-care costs, reforming financial regulation and boosting long-run economic growth. Twice as many economists think Mr McCain’s plan would be bad or very bad for long-run growth as Mr Obama’s. Given how much focus Mr McCain has put on his plan’s benefits for growth, this last is quite a repudiation.”

If only the economy was in trouble this might be relevant information. Good thing I remember hearing (many times) that the fundamentals of our economy are sound so you can just ignore those elitist economists’ opinions.  You betcha’!

If only the economy was in trouble this might be relevant

If only the economy was in trouble this might be relevant



8 responses

6 10 2008

This is an awesome blog you have here. I’ve been reading it almost all day and watching the videos. Passing it around!

6 10 2008

Thanks, glad you like it!

6 10 2008

dude, as always – dead on.

Still though – it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what kind of data and logic you throw at the masses, people will still manage to believe the big lie. luckily i think the tide is turning

9 10 2008

Wow a completely biased poll shows that it has completely biased results. Good digging on this find!

9 10 2008

@Rob: Yeah I was all over this one because I just knew the Economist was a hotbed of liberal propaganda and leftist talking points.

This isn’t church where you can dismiss the data just because you don’t like what it is telling you. Just because you don’t like what it implies doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

13 10 2008

Dismissing just because I don’t like it?

These are facts?

You haven’t a clue do you?

Look big guy when there are three times the amount of Party A(the dems) to Party B(the Reps) its not facts.

Btw, if these are such bright economists then why didn’t they speak up earlier? Again, a biased poll shows its biased results. Those are facts, and you’re right this isn’t church. So please stop trying to preach.

13 10 2008

Rob, after the last eight years I thought it was amazing 10% of economists were still willing to admit they were Republicans. Did I mention it was published in the magazine “The Economist”? Oh never mind, I know nothing I say will impact you in any way, you already know better.

14 10 2008

You must “read” the same news media that Sarah Palin does…..

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