Palin Daughter Proves Mom Is Presidential Material

4 10 2008

Either that or she’s just explaining to the boy on stage what Mom suggested was the best alternative during her abstinence only sex education.

I wonder where she learned that move from?

I wonder where she learned that move from?

I’m guessing it’s not as much a small town thing as much as a Conservative Republican thing.  I’m sure her Mom is so proud to see a future president in the front row there.  We’re number ONE, YEAH!!!!



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7 10 2008


7 10 2008

I don’t know what’s better, Palin’s daughter giving the finger or the death stare that Palin is getting from the girl in the band behind her.

7 10 2008

That’s hilarious, I didn’t even notice the angry bando in the front row. I’m imagining a quote like “Hey Sarah, I have a nice rusty trombone here for ya’ “

1 11 2008

The picture of Piper Palin may be funny, but it’s also photoshopped.

Note: I’m a big critic of Palin and endorse Obama. But we shouldn’t be misleading about things. Besides, even if Piper was giving the finger, there’d be about a million reasons ahead of that on the list of reasons to be concerned about Sarah Palin.

— Jacob

2 11 2008

Damn…now I have to go back voting for McCain. Thank a lot Jacob.

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