O’Reilly Melt Down Triggered By Repressed Gay Fantasy

4 10 2008

Bill O’Reilly tries in vain to hide his secret loofah fantasies for Barney Frank by instead pretending to pin the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle on him.  It’s obviously a distraction tactic because not even Bill O can deny that it was the Conservatives who in their years of power set up the failure with their massive deregulation and crony capitalism.  It’s just implausible that Bill would even believe that Franks could be responsible given he has only led the committee since 2007 and even attempted to avert disaster by promptly passing new regulations over FM/FM as soon as he got there.

Poor Bill is probably sad though because Congressman Frank didn’t see the big angry Irishman’s argument for what it was, a plea for help and sexual salvation.  Sadly Barney got swept up in the distraction and ended up calling Bill stupid and a boor on his own show thereby guaranteeing Bill wasn’t going to get that late night “Libyan Melon Baller” he was so looking forward to.  Better luck next time Bill O.



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