Congress: Get Back To Work…YOU FUCKING PUSSIES!

1 10 2008

The economy is still screwed and you’re taking Jewish holidays off?  What the hell kind of bullshit is this? And you have the balls to pretend you don’t understand why your approval rating is lower than the worst president in U.S. history?  I like to think I speak for all Americans when I say (with all due respect) FUCK YOU!

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Sarah, Have You At Least Read “My Pet Goat”?

1 10 2008

Maybe Sarah Palin only had ambitions to become a weather girl, but honestly, you would think that a woman with a journalism degree might read at least some kind of periodical.  Screw that, when asked she could have at least lied and answered with conservative standards like “The Wall Street Journal” or “The Washington Times”.  Christ, you couldn’t pull Wasilla’s own “Frontiersman” out of your delightfully perky yet remarkably uninformed ass?

I surrender, it appears you’re almost as prepared to be president as the current idiot in chief.

PS: I would have paid  dollar to the McCain campaign if she had answered “NY Times”, and ten spot for a “The Huffington Post”.  I’m just saying.