Who Knew Republicans Were Such Fragile Little Flowers?

30 09 2008

To all the Republicans who promoted deregulation like it was straight from the mouth of the free market Christ himself, to the spineless conservative whores of corporate America who expect us to bail them out after the sun is blotted out by so many golden parachutes…FUCK YOU!  FUCK YOU AND THE IDIOT BASTARD PRESIDENT YOU CONTINUE TO SUPPORT!

Aw I’m sorry, did I frighten you with my mean words and capitalized letters?  That was completely unnecessary and mean spirited of me wasn’t it?  You poor sweet little things, look at you cry and cower from my mean mean words.  I’m a horrible person.  Even though you spend so much time talking tough about disregarding the Geneva Conventions and how we should torture people for information I forget sometimes that you are really craven spineless cowards.  I forget that while you’ll bravely send others to enforce the Bush Doctrine of preemptive military strikes against countries that have not attacked us, you will rarely fight the fight yourself.  I forget that you are raging lying hypocrites about preaching the virtues of the competitive free market where the strong survive and the weak will be vanquished.

I can’t help but sometimes forget that you’re just a bunch of frail little flowers.

It all makes sense then that you would feel so maligned and upset that a woman would point out that this debacle of historic proportions is largely your fault and that you’re a bunch of petty, intellectually pathetic,  corrupt infants prone to weeping at the very hint of slight.  Never mind that the very economy you have just gang raped is bleeding in the corner and dying while you point pathetically to your boo-boo and hurt feelings.

Grow up, take your punishment and fix what you’ve broken.  What Nancy dished out is nothing compared to what the rest of thinking America would like to see done to you.




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30 09 2008
30 09 2008
Desiree Douglas

You tell ’em Super J! I back your capitol letters all the way!!! Aloha and Mahalo for your efforts to continue to enlighten all the dumbshits in the world! xox

30 09 2008

And now, Super Jay, that you have heaped your usual vitriol on the Republicans, may I suggest a better solution than anyone, Demogogue, Republicrat, or Super-Jay, seems to have come up with.

Use the 700 Billion to buy up the toxic mortgages. Freeze the interest rate at what it was when the mortgage was made. Leave that interest rate frozen for a period of time, say, five years. Then, begin to adjust the rate, at, say 1/2 of one perent, per two years, until the interest rate is at par with what is then typical for mortgages. Compensate the banks for the failed mortgages to date.

Result? The Treasury loses a little money, from the mortgages that would have failed anyway. The Treasury also loses a little money from the cheap interest rates. Probably, it will not total several hundred billion. Probably, we will not see failures of quite so many banks, which FDIC will bail out, won’t they? At your – and my – expense, of course.

Oh yes, and tell Morgan Stanley to give back WAMU. Too many investors lost their shirts because the Feds moved prematurely. Let the management team at WaMu figure out how to handle the mess, once the Feds have put the above plan in place.

Why? WaMu was owned by Mr. and Mrs. America, who have a little invested therein. Why should Morgan, Stanley, et al, benefit from the largesse of their Democrap buddies in Congress?

Oh, yes, and don’t forget to lock up the motherfuckers who made the questionable loans, and sold them under false pretenses to the banks who got stung.

Not all bankers are looking to stick it in our shorts. But a hell of a lot of Democrap Congressmen are. Do your homework, dude!


1 10 2008

So even though the Republicans have been repeating the “deregulation” chant for decades now you think it’s really the Democrats fault. Impressive bit of deduction there my friend, thanks for clearing that up for me. You shouldn’t keep all your great insights and solutions to yourself so you be sure to call your Senators and Congressman and let them know you have this all figured out. Good job and thanks for giving us the tip on how this will all be solved.

1 10 2008

Brilliant Chuck…btw, Morgan Stanley didn’t buy WAMU, JP Morgan Chase did. Just an FYI since you seem to understand exactly how to fix the economy, when no one else can. 🙂

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