McCain’s Rape Based Economy

21 09 2008

What, is that somehow offensive?




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23 09 2008

When was anyone in Wasilla ever charged for a rape kit? NEVER! This is a lie!

23 09 2008

Yeah Scott, you must be right. Just because CNN has reported on this and it has been established that it was city policy to bill rape victims the $1000 for their own rape kits that it must be true that nobody was ever billed. Your position is so obviously correct that it explains why when Alaska passed legislation in 2000 that made such billing illegal the only ongoing resistance met was from Wasilla.

You seem reasonably outraged at this ideas such a slanderous and horrible lie would be spread about Sarah Palin. However if the story in fact proves to be true (as it appears is the case) might it make sense to not be outraged at the person delivering the message and instead be outraged at the person who would allow such a heartless law to persist even when it is being challenged by the state legislature?

I’m as appalled as you such a story is true. Vote Obama.

24 09 2008

It appears that Scott is having a little fun with the truth. You see, to him, since no one has come forward from Wasilla to state that they were charged for their rape kit while Sarah Palin was mayor, that’s the same as if the town of Wasilla didn’t do things like resist the rest of the state when the law was changed to eliminate the cost to the victim.

What’s the phrase? “No harm, no foul”, right? Sure.

27 09 2008
Some guy

We don’t KNOW if it was a lie, because the only information that has been released (or had been released as of a few days ago) was from after the practice was outlawed. Or did you not notice the dates? Or did you not bother to check?

Regardless of whether it HAPPENED, the POLICY to not pay for rape kits was in place, and in place long enough for the Alaska state legislature to take action.

14 10 2008

You know Scott may be right about no one being charged for the rape kits, but we will never know because moose don’t talk

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