Presidential Science Primmer (Please Try To Pay Attention Mr. McCain)

20 09 2008

I love the British.  Leave it to them to create a science program that takes the angle of instructing the Presidential candidates about Science.  But really, after eight years of George Bush can you really blame them?

Um, Mr. McCain, I think they’re really talking specifically to you.




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20 09 2008

President Bush, Osama and McCain, if one of the two is elected president, should take the advice of Jeremiah 51:9: “We would have healed Babylon (the ancient territory of Iraq) but she cannot be healed, let us leave her and each go to his own land…” more…

20 09 2008
John McCain

As president I’m going to write my own bible, boy.
Stop being a loser by voting for me.
Thank you for your support.

20 09 2008

This is an interesting NPR interview about the candidates on science. Obama proposes to double spending on Science, while the McCain camp waffles at any suggestion of funding. So in other words McCain is willing to talk a good game about supporting science, but Obama is willing to DO IT.
Candidate Vow To Keep Politics Out of Science

Great Vid by the way. Kind of scary when considering we still have a few months left of this administration.

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