Evidence For Evolution: Eyes

12 09 2008

I know the ID advocates out there insist eyes are “proof” of God’s intervention but this video from the History Channel has a slightly more robust explanation.  Ancient creation stories are just that, old stories.  Open your eyes and see what you’ve been missing.

And just in case you’d like to watch the other episodes in this fascinating series:

Episode 2: Guts | Episode 3: Sex | Episode 4: Jaws




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12 09 2008
M. Patterson

Yet…eyes are far more sophisticated than the bloody cameras used to film that nonsense. Amazingly, cameras exhibit intelligent design. Open your eyes.

12 09 2008

I never cease to be amazed by the tenacious grip of the faithful as they desperately cling to their childish stories. Hang in there baby.

14 09 2008

Just take a look at the variety you will see within a given species of plant after humans have repeatedly and carefully selected individual plants with desireable traits for decades or even centuries and performed multiple intraspecies (within the species) hybridizations along the way. Roses are a a good example. The orchids I grow, Neofinetia falcata, are another good example. Mankind has sped up nature’s process, and the changes and variety seen are quite remarkable indeed. They have taken place within very short periods of time relative to the grand scheme of things. Now imagine a much slower pace of change, as performed by natural selection, but continuing for exponentially longer periods of time. It is not hard to see the truth of evolution vs. the willful ignorance of the faithful who insist on believing a lie simply because someone they feel the need to trust has told them it is a truth.

15 09 2008

Thanks for posting that video, I enjoyed it.

Your readers, including perhaps the first responder to this thread, may also be interested in this short (4 min) video from PBS that shows the probable intermediate forms from simple light-sensitive spot to the eagle’s eye and why each step is advantageous and can be selected for:


18 09 2008

How about the proton driven rotary engine of the flagellum, complete with a sealed bearing?

Jesus Loves You.



18 09 2008

You mean the “irreducibly complex” bacterial flagellum that evolved from the precursor type III secretory system? Yes, it is fascinating isn’t it?

Super Jesus Mocks You,

Super J.


12 02 2009
Darwin Birthday Tribute « The Gospel of Super Jesus

[…] Evidence For Evolution: Eyes […]

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