4 09 2008

If only the mainstream media would bother to call out such rank hypocrisy with such precision. Bravo sir…BRAVO!

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5 09 2008

Your pundits got a lot of laughs, but they did it by not telling the whole truth:

From Bill Burton:

“He admonished the ‘old, do-nothing crowd’ in Washington, but ignored the fact that he’s been part of that crowd for 26 years, opposing solutions on health care, energy and education,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said.

Translation: McCain voted against a whole bunch of pork-laden, tax-and-spend bills that would have spent a shitload of money on buying Hispanic and other minority votes for Democrats, that would have spent more monoey OUTSIDE the three named needs than it would have INSIDE them, and thus could hardly be considered focussed on health care, energy and education.

Who’s the fucking hypocrite? Don’t bother, I think I know.

5 09 2008

Three times in recent years, McCain’s catalogs of “objectionable” spending have included earmarks for this small Alaska town, requested by its mayor at the time — Sarah Palin.
This year, Palin, who has been governor for nearly 22 months, defended earmarking as a vital part of the legislative system. “The federal budget, in its various manifestations, is incredibly important to us, and congressional earmarks are one aspect of this relationship,” she wrote in a newspaper column.
McCain had criticized earmarks from Palin
Seems as though McCain won’t have to worry about earmarks, because he has his pit bull to do it for him. 😉

5 09 2008
Linda Campbell

Though you have established evidence regarding Sarah Palin’s involvement in the Alaskan Independence Party, I would suggest that you downplay this. I don’t know if you researched this party’s beliefs, but when I did what I found is that I wish she were a member of this party rather than the idealouge Republican she is today. By the way this is the first time I visited your site. I like it, I’ll be back. LC

6 09 2008

Chuck, I’m guessing from your comment that you didn’t even bother to watch the video,which would explain why your comment was so desperately off topic and irrelevant. I think if you watch the clip you will reasonably conclude that the republican talking heads represented are either raging hypocrites or, if I may be so blunt, complete lying sacks of shit not worth the CO2 they emit from their gaping GOP controlled spew holes (a.k.a. asshats)

11 09 2008

Actually, I did indeed watch the video — twice. My comment was in response to its content, and I stand by it. Bil Burton dissed John McCain for doing the right thing. While this doesn’t make the schizophrenia of the conservative talking heads any less telling about conservative talking heads, the intent of your ‘comedian’ was to use the schizophrenia to diss McCain/Palin, as evidenced by the video’s concluding snippet and remark.

Oh, and, just because I’M paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get ME, either! 🙂


12 09 2008

Chuck, so what if someone pointed out that it’s silly that a 26 year veteran is running as a candidate of change? I find your comment distracting because the focus of the video and this blog entry is to point out the hypocrisy of Republican talking heads and their blatant intellectual dishonesty. The fact is that the opinions of these Republican pundits carry no weight and merit no respect given the video evidence of their crass and craven duplicity. You can agree with the point or not but changing the topic to Bill Whoever said “something else on another topic” is completely irrelevant and only serves to make your defensive position appear weaker than it already is.

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