Are You…Experienced?

2 09 2008

Even McCain hired water carrier Tucker Bounds cannot explain how after so much droning about the importance of experience that his boss would select someone with next to none.  This is a fantastic clip if only to watch him squirm as CNN’s Campbell Brown holds his feet to the fire on this key question.  (I think I have a new favorite reporter)




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4 09 2008

Angels and Asshats

Candidate: The Liberal News Media
Who: The New York Times, The Washington Post, and similar papers.
What: Have spent most of the past five days slamming a proven city councilperson, city mayor, and state governor. They have belittled her leadership ability, in favor of someone who has absolutely zero leadership experience. They have failed to consider her willingness to take on her own party’s ‘politicians as usual.’
Verdict: Asshats.

Candidate: Obama’s Campaign Manager
What: He dissed Palin as being totally unqualified and inexperienced. On national TV, yet.
Compared to: Moses, maybe. Certainly not Obama, who has less leadership experience than most boy scouts.
Verdict: Asshat.

Candidate: Alan Combs
What: Tried his damnedist to diss Palin to Karl Rove, who absolutely slaughtered him tonight, on national TV.
Verdict: Obvious. Asshat.

Candidate: Joe Biden.
What: Dissed Palin as having “no meaningful experience, other than that of a small town mayor.”
Compared to: OBAMA?!?!? With all his leadership experience?!?!?
Verdict: Even more obvious. Asshat.

Candidate: Barak Obama.
What: Voted ‘present’ in a majority of his State Senator’s vote considerations. Has a total of one hundred forty-six days experience as a US Senator, absolutely zero leadership experience. Has approved ads attacking McCain, and intimating that McCain, who would not have the power or authority, would somehow overturn Roe v. Wade. Spiritual advisor teaches him to hate America first, and to ask God to Damn America.
Verdict: Oh, my god, what an asshat!

Candidate: Michelle Obama.
What: Hate America First.
Verdict: Are you kidding?

Candidate: Sarah Palin.
Who: Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, governor of Alaska, former mayor, former city councilperson.
What: Devoted wife, mother of five, family girl first. Takes on, and slams to the mat, members of her own party who want politics as usual, if she disapproves of their morals, compared to her own high standards. Has such respect for human life that she bore a son she knew would be born with Down’s Syndrome, loves him very much, as does her family. Is proud of her blue-collar husband’s snowmobile racing, commercial fishing and steelworker’s union membership. Looks better in a miniskirt than three out of four Hollywood stars. Loves, and is devoted to her husband, doesn’t mess around.
Verdict: Angel. Next VEEP. President in eight more years.

And you heard it here first, folks.


4 09 2008

Yeah Chuck it’s only Democrats expressing their concern that Palin doesn’t have the experience. Oh wait, no it’s not.

Besides, your response is as weak as that of McCains water carrier in that fails to address the question posited by the reporter. McCain has championed his candidacy on the alter of experience and yet he brings on someone with remarkably weak experience. Please stay on point, this question isn’t about Obama, it’s about answering the question of hypocrisy and/or poor judgment on the part of McCain.

4 09 2008


Very well. On point-From AP’s Richard Lardner today:
[MajGen] Campbell is due to receive a third star on Sunday — a promotion approved by Palin, who has authority over the Alaska National Guard. He described Palin as very supportive of the Guard, but said she gives him latitude to manage the force. Governors typically do not have a direct role in day-to-day operations.

In a Wednesday interview with ABC News, Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Palin “has been in charge and she has had national security as one of her primary responsibilities.”

Overall, the Alaska National Guard has about 3,800 troops in its air and ground units.
Et cetera.

And my point? Like most good leaders, she has the common sense to find and install experts in their fields. As the boss, I may not have known a great deal about the world of manufacturing shop floor control, but I had the savvy to find someone who did, that I could trust, and give them a job to do, a place to do it, and people and materiel to carry it out. Then, I got out of their way, and let them do it, knowing full well, that, while I didn’t know diddly about shop floor control, that if the person I installed caused a friggin trainwreck, I was responsible.

So does Palin. She delegates authority to people who should have it, but retains the responsibility. If the Vigaro hits the Mixmaster, she is — and should be — held accountable.

Any military person (I was one for twenty years) will tell you that leadership is the art of accomplishing the mission through others. And the road to leadership runs directly through that statement, because, well, some days your collar devices are very heavy.

Thus, when I say Palin has the experience to be a leader, I am referring to her demonstrated ability to get things done through others. Like Harry Truman, she believes the buck stops with her. And, believe me, it sure as hell does!

But on one thing, we agree. Tucker tried to create something he couldn’t. She doesn’t have to have military experience to be Commander-in-Chief, which is/was the interviewer’s obfuscation, and he bit.

For this reason alone, Tucker IS an asshat!


4 09 2008

That’s it? Her military command experience is approving a promotion of a general? With all your experience and background actually leading people and running things I like to think your definition of “experience to be a leader” requires passing a higher bar than that.

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