Republican Asshats: Judgment Vs. Experience Edition

31 08 2008

As you may recall eight years ago George “everything I’ve ever touched turns to shit” Bush is offered up as the Republican candidate where his only experiences were textbook examples in cowardice and failure.  And boy that sure has turned out well hasn’t it?!

Now the Republicans offer us a candidate who just turned 72, finished 894 out of 899 in his Naval Academy class, can’t keep his position on issues straight, has well known anger management issues, a history of infidelity (which I seem to recall you Republicans used to have a problem with), and he falls back on “I was a POW” every time someone presses him with a question he cannot answer or a contradiction he cannot reconcile.  This is starting to sound like another Republican round of let’s promote the fuckup.

Great, after so much talk about McCain’s excellent experience, his fantastic experience, I’m a POW…with fucking experience…he goes off and chooses a no experience MILF as his running mate. Gotcha.  Your vast experience has told you that the best way to prove that you’re the ticket of experience over Mr. “no experience” is to have someone with even more “no experience” as the VP.

Perhaps he does have experience but he apparently hasn’t picked up any judgment skills along the way.

So to all you confused Republicans out there, I know think you’re terribly clever pointing out that Obama has no experience but I would remind you that he is running on the strength of his Judgment. You know, the kind of judgment that would have him select someone who is also competent and has good judgment to be his running mate.  Meanwhile McCain keeps hamming that his experience somehow makes up for his recurring examples of poor decisions and exceptionally poor judgment.

Good for you guys and all that experience, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need another Republican with tons of experience and shit for decision making skills.




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31 08 2008

Well maybe so or maybe not. But Obama just guaranteed he’s not the candidate of change when he picked over-the-Senate-Hill white guy Biden. Obama also showed his need for adult supervision. I got news for you—the days of the Democrats taking the women vote for granted are O-V-E-R.

This might just be the best election in American history…

31 08 2008

Hopefully women are smarter than you assume, Jay. McCain insulted women everywhere with his pick. There were many women FAR more qualified than Palin.

At least Obama has judgement – and didn’t pick his running mate JUST for the sake of winning. He chose someone who could help him out, it doesn’t undermine his change at all. *shakes head*

31 08 2008

I know women are smarter than Obama assumes…

1 09 2008

Wow, great argument , why dont you add “I know you are but what am I.” McCain and all his “maverick” gusto got into lock step real quick with the conservative credo once the nominee. Rather than picking a candidate with obviously more qualified successes like Mitt Romney, He chose a 2nd place beauty peagent winner from a state that has a closer proximity to Moscow than it does Washington, all simply because at one time Romney was pro choice.

Both candidates play to the public but it seems even more blatant when you come out within 16 hours “leaking” your pick and the only thought that went into the decision of qualifications is that she has a nice set of mamories so obviously women will vote for her. Thats fine for an intern but not for 2nd in Command.

I am tired of the dumbing down of America – and this entire process is a large joke

1 09 2008

Let’s talk about what experience got us the past 8 years:
Shit economy, no child left behind, a lower world ranking on health care, illegal wire tapping, sadistic torture practices, and war. And what is to come with McCain/Palin:
lack of choice, stepping all over the rights of marriage simply on the basis of sexuality, more war, and of course more tax cuts to improve the lives of the upper 2% of this country so that they can maintain the life style they’re used to. And wait, isn’t McCain part of that upper 2% because his wife whom he considers a “c*nt? Of course you can’t expect a man to respect a woman whom he started having an affair with during his last marriage.

As an independent voter who considered not voting this year, I am firmly in the far left corner and will vote Democrat down the line. Thanks to John McCain. As far as the assertion that Democrats have taken my vote for granted I assure you that as a woman the only ones taking advantage of thinking that I am stupid or gullible when it comes to voting are those whom chose to announce Sarah Palin as a VP candidate when their party didn’t even seriously consider her themselves until they thought it might pull my vote in.

1 09 2008

“and the only thought that went into the decision of qualifications is that she has a nice set of mamories so obviously women will vote for her. Thats fine for an intern but not for 2nd in Command.”

The ONLY thought? Keep offending women with you sexist comments and see where that gets you. McCain picked a Governor not some beauty pageant winner. So it’s Gov. Palin to you “Bryan”.

Obama completely blew off the Hillary supporters and her contribution to the Democratic Party. And he will pay for it. Polls already show that 22% of Hillary supporters already support McCain and that was even before the Palin pick. Hmmmm, what’s 22% of 18 million? Enough to make a difference.

Palin is not running for President, but Obama is. The sad thing is that he has even less experience. So, I don’t understand why you Dems keep bringing it up?

Sen. Obama didn’t rise to his position simply because he’s African American. He got there because he inspires people. And Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t rise to national prominence simply because she’s a woman or “pageant winner”. She inspires people too, especially when she took on corruption and the Republican good ol’ boys in Alaskan politics.

I’m sorry that the place for women in the Democratic Party is limited to “interns” Bryan. Is that what you learned from Bill Clinton? Obama blew his big opportunity to win a landslide election. And the reason is because he was too proud to share the spotlight and work together with a woman such as Hillary Clinton. So much for real change…

1 09 2008

Funny thing, it would appear that McCain wanted to pick Liberman for VP but because he’s a Jew and pro-choice he was overruled by a small cabal from the Council for National Policy which is run by such intellectual luminaries as Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Grover Norquist, Tim LaHaye and Paul Weyrich.

Sad that McCain the maverick is looking more and more like McCain the right wing Christian lap dog.

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