Republican Asshats: Judgment Vs. Experience Edition

31 08 2008

As you may recall eight years ago George “everything I’ve ever touched turns to shit” Bush is offered up as the Republican candidate where his only experiences were textbook examples in cowardice and failure.  And boy that sure has turned out well hasn’t it?!

Now the Republicans offer us a candidate who just turned 72, finished 894 out of 899 in his Naval Academy class, can’t keep his position on issues straight, has well known anger management issues, a history of infidelity (which I seem to recall you Republicans used to have a problem with), and he falls back on “I was a POW” every time someone presses him with a question he cannot answer or a contradiction he cannot reconcile.  This is starting to sound like another Republican round of let’s promote the fuckup.

Great, after so much talk about McCain’s excellent experience, his fantastic experience, I’m a POW…with fucking experience…he goes off and chooses a no experience MILF as his running mate. Gotcha.  Your vast experience has told you that the best way to prove that you’re the ticket of experience over Mr. “no experience” is to have someone with even more “no experience” as the VP.

Perhaps he does have experience but he apparently hasn’t picked up any judgment skills along the way.

So to all you confused Republicans out there, I know think you’re terribly clever pointing out that Obama has no experience but I would remind you that he is running on the strength of his Judgment. You know, the kind of judgment that would have him select someone who is also competent and has good judgment to be his running mate.  Meanwhile McCain keeps hamming that his experience somehow makes up for his recurring examples of poor decisions and exceptionally poor judgment.

Good for you guys and all that experience, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need another Republican with tons of experience and shit for decision making skills.