Sarah Palin. Hot or Not?

29 08 2008
Way hotter than McCain

Way hotter than Senator Cranky Pants

Oh sure, she’d easily be the hottest VP since Spiro Agnew but she doesn’t do much to help McCain’s argument that his is the ticket of experience, especially when you consider McCain turns 72 today and has had four bouts with cancer already. One tough flight of stairs and we’ll have a second place Alaska beauty queen as president.  Impressive choice there John.  Granted she’s arguably better than the idiot ideologue we have now or maybe even the senile old war monger they’re offering up next, but still…Is this the best they can do?

It’s obviously a completely cynical play for the still angry Hillary voters, but will they fall for such a blatent pander just because this lifelong NRA member, pro-life, big oil coddling VP has ovaries?  Stranger things have happened.

Of course she would provide comfort and reassurances to all the GOPers who might be worried that a McCain / Palin administration would help restore the Constitution and cease the abuse of power we have all become so used to over the last eight years. Rest easy you right wing oligarchs, not a chance.  Apparently VP Palin would fill the stiletto heels left behind by “I put the ick in Dick” Cheney perfectly having already exercised a picture perfect abuse of power when pressuring the state to fire her former brother in law.  Nice.

Bringing A Little Fight With The Policy

29 08 2008

I like that he’s finally bringing a little fight to this race and isn’t taking McCain’s smears lying down.  Here’s to hoping we get to hear eight more years of these.