Who Knew Global Development Trends Could Be Fun?

21 08 2008

Global development illustrated. This very intriguing (albeit slightly long) video takes a novel approach towards data display and makes a strong case that the world is trending well in many respects. Well worth your time to watch.



One response

22 08 2008

Wow, this guy gets off on charts. Interesting stuff. I like data and charts, too, but I really don’t see how they can solve the worlds problems. They are merely a tool for people who have the ability and desire to make a difference. Of course I’m sure this data will be used by some for there own selfish interests. I don’t think the problem is the lack of data and cool ways to look at it, but the lack of compassionate people and the prevalence of greed. The data does show people are living longer and and making more money, but the chart that caught my eye is the one that shows that 20% of the world’s poplulation has 74% of the wealth. I don’t have such a rosy outlook as this guy. I think what we’re seeing is the peak of a bell curve as we reach an end to our unsustainable growth.

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