Ants, Terrorism, And Infectious Ideas

13 07 2008

Dan Dennett talks about Ideas that are as dangerous as any virus or parasite.  Another TED video that is completely worth watching.




One response

14 07 2008

Watching that made my brain hurt. I understand what the guy was saying but I’m not sure where he was going with it. It sounded like he was advocating the control of thought and speech. The analogy of ideas to disease I guess can be useful, but has it’s limitations. I think countries are less threatened by our ideas than the presence of our military or corporations. It takes more than ideas to kill a culture, you need tv’s, McDonalds, and numrous other physical products. You need some bulldozers and factories and all kinds of other shit. He was criticizing people dying for ideas, but then he said happiness comes from devoting your life to something more important than yourself, which I’d assume would just be another idea. I don’t deny the power of ideas, I just don’t get the point he was trying to make, if there was one.

Btw, thanks for the blog comments, you made me look up TMI, I was thinking about you Super J, all buff, dying on a cross for my sins 😉

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